Triple Play Ultra Pitching Machine

Triple Play Ultra Pitching Machine $6999

  • Automatically pitches as often as every 8 seconds
    • 80 ball capacity
  • Program balls and strikes for pitch discrimination drills
  • Simulate opposing pitchers for more realistic practicies
    • Repeat, Sequence & Random pitch modes
  • Programming takes less than 30 seconds per pitch
    • Pitches are stored for future use
  • Pre-pitch beep & light sequence helps batter time pitches
  • Telescopic legs to change pitch height


TriplePlay can pitch all types of regulation and dimple baseballs. (low seam baseballs are best)


Pitching Machine Balls $59 per dozen

The TriplePlay baseball pitching works best with low seam baseballs. These ProNine LPM-9 baseballs are made of full grain leather and stitched with Kevlar for long lasting wear. Also available are standard optic dimple balls at $35 per dozen and Baden white dimple balls with embedded red laces for visual enhancement at $45 per dozen.

Hopper Extender $99

The Hopper Extender fits onto the top of the ball storage hopper located on the top of the Auto Feed System. This special extender will increase the ball capacity to 150 baseballs.

Protective Cover $99

Special vinyl cover designed for the unique shape of the TriplePlay.


TriplePlay is backed by a 3 year warranty covering both parts and labor.


  • Pitch Speed
  • 40 to 90 MPH in 5 MPH increments
  • Pitch Height
  • 50" to 68" adjustable
  • Reccomended Ball
  • Low Seam Baseballs
  • Suitable Balls
  • RIF or regular Baseballs
  • Auto Pitch Modes
  • Repeat, Sequence, Random
  • Programmability
  • 64 pitches in 8 programs
  • Dimensions
  • 30"W x 32"D x 62"-80"H
  • Weight
  • 190 lbs
  • Electrical Power
  • 115V standard grounded outlet
  • Warranty
  • 3 years

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Quantity Product Name Price / Unit Shipping Weight / Unit
Triple Play Ultra $6999.00 Carrier 185 Lbs.
9" Kevlar Baseball 10 Dozen ($59/Dozen) $590.00 UPS 45 Lbs. (OS)
Dimpled 9" 10 Dozen ($35/Dozen) $350.00 UPS 45 Lbs. (OS)
Baden Dimpled 9" 10 Dozen ($45/Dozen) $450.00 UPS 45 Lbs. (OS)
Hopper Extender black only $99.00 UPS 8 Lbs.
Machine Cover black only $99.00 UPS 10 Lbs.